Mahoni Inner Remedy



The Lowdown: Each sachet is pure remedy for your insides. It nurtures throat, stomach and intestines through the high concentrations of Methylglyoxal (C3H4O2). Perfect for acute irritations. And great for travelling. These precious sachets are filled with 600 MGO mānuka. They are ideally portioned for singular use. This makes them very sanitary, and extremely hygenic.

The sachets come in a package of 12, in a beautiful high-end carton. Environmentally friendly packaging, and a decorative design for any bathroom or kitchen counter.

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How to use: Application couldn’t be simpler: Bend the sachet in the middle, squeeze the honey, and swallow. We recommend not having any food or drink immediately after swallowing the honey, to allow its effects to unfold.

Additional information

Weight0.128 kg

12 x 6g



Energy1375 kJ / 329 kcal
Fat0,9 g
– Saturated fat0,6 g
Carbohydrates79 g
– Sugar76 g
Protein0,2 g
Sodium0,01 g