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The Lowdown: A very wise woman, (Kate Shapland, creator of the Legology brand) once told me – cellulite was not so much a fat problem but more of a lymph problem and she is absolutely right, forget expensive in clinic cellulite treatments body brushing is the most effective cellulite treatment I’ve tried to date. All you need is a little dedication and some elbow grease. It only takes 5 minutes a day. There are many body brushes out there but I love this one as its’ natural bristles deliver the lightest touch to boost lymph, encouraging yourbody’s natural waste system to eliminate trapped toxins, heaviness and bloat. Its effects go deep to impact circulation, encouraging nutrient-rich blood to travel to the surface of the skin and give it youthful tone and pinkness. It is lightweight and palm-sized, so easy to hold, use and travel with.

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How to use:Work on dry or damp skin before or after a shower/bath, using long, swift upward strokes towards the heart from feet to knees, and over thighs, buttocks and hips. The brush may also be used on arms, from hands to shoulders, and gently on the stomach. Promotes blood and lymph circulation to encourage detoxification; primes skin for application of product; invigorates and energises.


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Lymph-Lite is made from sustainable wood and natural bristles. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Safe for use during pregnancy, Paraben free.