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The Lowdown: Excessive hair shedding, thinning hairlines, or thin frizzy flyaway hair? Bad hair days come in many guises but for anyone who is panicking about ageing hair, here is an easy to use home treatment that genuinely, hand-on-heart works to thicken up hair plus reactivate dormant hair follicles re-populating patchy or thinning hairlines with a significantly thicker, more youthful look.

Using pioneering stem cell and growth factor technology this box contains 6 week’s worth of serum (which you apply once a week) and a derma stamp which is patted across the treatment area to create micro channels in the scalp before the serum is applied. The treatment has to be left on for 24 hours so you may not want to make any social plans the night of the treatment but can be washed off the next day.

So how does it work? Calecim Advanced Hair Serum contains Growth Factor-β (TGF-β) which stimulates the signalling pathways that manage the hair cycle and IGF-1 which improves the migration, survival, and proliferation of Hair Follicle cells. IGF-1 has also been suggested to play a crucial role in regulating tissue generation during the development of a hair follicle and the serum also contains Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF) which binds to receptors on the scalp, to up-regulate the genes associated with Hair Follicle separation, induction, and control of anagen.

The Hair Serum which hails from the lab of Dr Ivor Lim a pioneering plastic surgeon based out of Singapore and this truly cutting edge formula has no adverse side effects like other prescriptive medications also anecdotally it seems to work even better on women than men and in a few exceptionally promising cases darker haired patients who had turned grey before treatment noted their hair grew back their original colour!

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How to use: 

  • Open the ampoule following the direction on the metal ring. Be careful when removing the metal ring.
  • Sterilize the derma stamp with the sterile wipes included in the system.
  • Part hair in the areas experiencing hair loss.
  • Stamp back and forth along the length of the parting. Do this 4 x for one hair parting.
  • Apply a few drops of the Advanced Hair System throughout the derma stamped areas.

6-week Advanced Hair System Treatment Program (for those starting on the Advanced Hair System):

  1. Depending on severity of hair loss, you may need to embark on 2 cycles of the 6 week program
  2. Complete a derma stamp and application routine 2 x a week
  3. Finish using 1 ampoule per week (for 2 treatments)

Do not stop the 6 week program as it will affect efficacy. Do not embark on the 6 week treatment unless you are able to maintain consistency in the weekly protocol.

3-month Advanced Hair System Maintenance Program:

  1. Complete a derma stamp and application routine 1 x a week
  2. Finish using half an ampoule per week (for 1 treatment)

Resume the 6 week treatment program after the maintenance program.

Cycle between the treatment and maintenance programs to sustain healthy hair follicle activity.

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INGREDIENTS: Cord Lining Conditioned Media (Stem cell derived Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin, Collagens, Hyaluronic Acid)